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Why Marketing Agency Owners Need Support and Coaching
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How to Handle Bottlenecks in Business

What should you do when your Agency hits a  bottleneck?

If your agency is slowing down the progress of your project, here are a few things you can do:

-Take a day to write down a list of areas where your business is struggling.  Is it prospecting, sales, Onboarding, fulfillment?  You need to know where your issues are.

-Look for ways to streamline these processes. For example, if you need sign-offs from multiple people, see if there is a way to consolidate those approvals.

-If there are bottlenecks in the creative process, look for ways to work around them. For example, if you need design revisions, see if you can provide alternate versions that the client can choose from.

Bottlenecks in Business

Track Your Targets and Goals to avoid business Bottlenecks

-Keep track of where the bottleneck is occurring. This information can be helpful in future projects.

-Try to stay positive and patient. Bottlenecks can be frustrating, but remember that they are often just a few tweaks away from your machine running smoothly.

For more tips like this, and to avoid the bottleneck. We would love to share with you some tools that have helped us.

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