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Creating a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy, A Guide

Plotting a digital marketing strategy is a smart move to make sure you put your efforts where they’ll deliver the most ROI. You can do it on your own by carving out time for planning, or leadership can allocate time for small teams to brainstorm. 

Creating a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy: An Online Guide

Regardless of how you get there, these steps can help:

1 – Set Expectations

A digital marketing strategy is a planning tool, not a marketing effort. It means identifying what your team can do with the budget you have and outlining specific goals and tactics.

Now that you have a plan, share the strategy with your employees and colleagues so they know what you’re aiming for and why. Be clear on who has responsibility for different aspects of the plan and what metrics you’ll use to evaluate success.

2 – Determine Key Metrics

After you figure out your key metrics, it’s easy to see what you’re trying to accomplish. For example, if you’re trying to increase revenue by launching a new product, you’ll want to see how much of your revenue comes from your new product. It’s also important to know how your revenue has changed over time, so you can measure whether your efforts have been successful.

3 – Define Success

Setting specific, measurable goals and tracking them over time will tell you whether you’re, in fact, successful. Finally, you’ll want to make sure you’re using your strategy to support the company’s larger goals.

4 – Plan Tasks

When creating your digital marketing strategy, don’t just identify what you want to do—plan how you’re going to do it. Create a schedule with milestones and deadlines.

5 – Create a Budget

Budgeting will help you determine how many resources you need to achieve your goals.

6 – Identify Your Audience

Define your target audience segment based on online behavior, like browsing history or location, and who is most likely to buy your product or service.

7 – Define Your Key Messages

You need a solid foundation for your digital marketing strategy. At the core are your key messages. Here are three tips for effective key messages:

Keep them simple.

Be concise about what you want your audience to do.

Outline your expectations.

8 – Brainstorm Tactics

Now you’ve got the big picture, think about how to get there—brainstorm tactics like landing pages and social media marketing that your audience will use and respond to.

9 – Engage Your Team of Marketing Experts and Customers

Hiring a Team of Experts and getting new clients is critical to creating a successful digital marketing plan. Make sure you have internal support as well as external buy-in from customers.


Digital marketing is a continuous process of measurement, analysis, and optimization. You’ll want to take advantage of your team’s expertise and keep your customers in the loop so they know what to expect.

Finally, remember that your digital marketing strategy is a living document, not a one-time plan. You’ll want to review and update it on a regular basis, based on your progress and changes in the environment around you. 

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I hope this article has helped you in growing your agency. Thank you for reading. 

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