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Everything You Need to Know About Click-Through Rate

Fundamentally, click-through rate (CTR) refers to the ratio of clicks on a specific link, to the number of impressions or the number of times people viewed the said link.

To calculate for CTR, divide the number of clicks by the number of views, then multiply the quotient to one hundred. Putting it simply, if you have an online ad with 100 impressions and five clicks, then your CTR is five percent.

3 Reasons Why Click-Through Rate Is Important for Advertising

Admittedly, CTR sounds simple in all aspects. However, this metric has a significant purpose. Here are three fundamental reasons why CTR continues to be a critical part of any digital marketing strategy. 

1. It Helps in Gauging How Well an Ad or Keyword Is Performing for Your Agency or a Client

Indeed the number of clicks on an ad, article, or post is substantial, but relying on that data alone is irresponsible. To measure whether your campaign is working, you have to compare impressions and clicks. That is where CTR comes in.

A high CTR implies that your campaign is working well. Correspondingly, a lower CTR means poor performance regardless of the number of clicks it received.

2. It Aids in Identifying Problems with Your Agencies Advertising

As mentioned earlier, CTR can help assess how effective a campaign is in attracting potential customers. However, it’s a lot more helpful in comparing ad copies. By understanding how an ad copy is performing, you’ll pinpoint which strategies will work well in particular platforms and specific markets.

3. It Affects Good Quality Score

Aside from being a tool used to analyze, assess and reinvent digital marketing campaigns and strategies, CTR is also a criterion used by Google in evaluating the relevance and quality of your page or site. Calculations of expected CTR play a critical role in Ad Ranking during the auction period.

A high CTR shows Google that the content you launch is helpful and attractive to online users, giving you an advantage over your competitors as Google Ads and similar platforms offer perks to relevant ads and content.

2 Ways To Boost Click-Through Rate For Your Agency and Clients

Now that you understand what CTR is and how important it is in online advertising, here are helpful tips on how you can boost the quality of your campaign for higher click-through rates.

1. Optimize the Use of Keywords

Keyword optimization plays a critical role in any form of digital marketing—even ones such as online lead generation and landing page optimization. Since the beginning, keywords have always been the focal point of content creation. Without using the right techniques, it can be difficult to entice customers to click on your ad or post.

The key here is to choose keywords that address concerns and answer questions that consumers have. If you optimize the keywords you use to match what your target audience needs, turning impressions into clicks will become easier.

2. Attract via Visual Stimulation

As the old saying goes, humans are visual creatures. Thus, they are most likely to engage with content that contains aesthetic elements like photos, videos, and infographics. Additionally, a number of researches show that people can recall information better with the help of images.


Coming this far, anyone will appreciate the importance of click-through rates in digital marketing. Looking at it from the outside, it’s nothing but a mere metric tool. However, that very tool plays a critical role in creating compelling and successful online marketing campaigns.

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