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Generating Agency Leads and Starting More Sales Conversations

Every agency has 3 main things that it must focus on for growth.  Leads, Sales, and fulfillment. Those are the 3 main things every agency owner must perfect to grow. Without leads, you can’t even focus on the other 2 items.  So your main focus as a new agency owner should be a focus on generating as many leads as possible.

Lead Generation, Social Media Ads, Marketing Ads, Agency, Lead Generation

Generate Leads for Your Agency, Buying Ads, and Targeting

There are a lot of ways to generate leads for an agency. You can go the inbound route and try to rank your website for various keywords. You can also buy ads and target potential clients through various ad platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook, or Tik Tok Ads. There are also other lead gen strategies like cold emailing or attending events and trade shows. 

The best way to generate leads will vary based on your industry, budget, and location. But the most important thing is that you focus on generating leads from Day 1. The more leads you have, the more sales conversations you can start, and the more sales you can ultimately close.

Buying Social Media Ads, or Joining Local BNI, Marketing Spend

You will either be spending a lot of time on lead generation or a lot of money.  Depending on your budget will help you determine where you should focus first.  If you are on a low budget, doing things like joining local BNI or doing live meetups is a great way to meet business owners.  If you are on a higher budget, buying ads on a social platform is a great way to save time.

Lead Generation, Marketing Sales and Advertising, Social Media Ads

Setting Aside Earnings for Growth for Your Marketing Agency

The other thing is as you start to get clients it is super important to put 10% of your earnings aside for future growth. Meaning you should continue to reinvest at least 10% of your earnings into ads and other methods of growth so you continue to scale your agency.

Over time you will become more effective with your ads, and your client base will also grow which means that the same 10% that you are reinvesting monthly also grows.  This is how you will effectively scale your lead gen efforts.

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