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How to start an Internet Marketing Agency | Optimizing Your Business Linkedin

If you are looking for how to start a digital marketing agency one thing you want to do after choosing your niche is to optimize your linkedin profile.

Posting an impressive profile on LinkedIn can give you a competitive edge and make you appear to be an expert in your field. LinkedIn is a platform for working professionals and business owners who could use your services. It allows them to network with one another and advertise their services. It is important to focus on creating a profile on LinkedIn and start to build your business network of the types of businesses you want to work with. Keep reading to learn proven tips from this guide that will help you create your online profile.

Quick Tips to Help You Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

1 – Upload an Appropriate Profile Picture

An important piece of advice for anyone wanting to create a profile on LinkedIn is to include a professional-looking photo. This will help break the ice when you are communicating with others. Once you have a strong profile picture, you should use your best photo. To avoid having your image posted as a thumbnail, you should upload a photo that covers your face in full. It should be at least 400 by 400 pixels in size. This will ensure that your picture looks good when your profile is shared on other sites.

2 – Construct Compelling Headlines

An important thing to do when creating a LinkedIn profile is to write a great headline. The perfect one should help the reader understand quickly what it is that you do. When you are posting your profile, you should include what you do and what your niche expertise is in the headline. The headline will identify the profile of potential clients. Thus, it is your chance to advertise what you do and what your priorities are. You could also get creative and include a pitch of your services that you offer as an agency in the headline.

3 – Display Your Achievements

A major part of your LinkedIn profile is your profile summary. This is where you should display your service and abilities. You should also incorporate your experience, education, and achievements. The summary should catch the attention of anyone browsing your profile. People will want to know about your skills, your work, and the companies you have served.  If you are a new agency, find a contractor in your niche who can give you case studies and lean on their expertise.

4 – Write About The Niche You Serve as an Agency

A great way to differentiate your LinkedIn profile is to focus on a niche and be an expert in it. If you work with HVAC companies make sure your headline states, WE HELP HVAC COMPANIES GET MORE LEADS. Be precise and to the point.  This combined with proper case studies and a booking link and you are on your way.


Creating a profile on LinkedIn is a great way to grow your agency. You can also promote your services, and help your new potential clients learn more about your agency. By using proven tips from this guide, you can begin to differentiate yourself as an agency. You can learn how to make a great impression and give your agency a boost. Get out there and start connecting with potential businesses who need your services!

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Linkedin is just one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to building a successful agency.   Interested in learning more on how we help agencies scale their business?

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