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How to Create and Use Case Studies To Scale Your Marketing Agency

As an agency, you need to have great case studies to show your potential clients what you are capable of and how you can help them achieve their desired results. Having strong case studies is one of the best ways to build your agency’s credibility and attract new business.

While there are many different types of case studies, they all have one thing in common: they tell a story. And people love stories. A good case study will grab the attention of your target client and help them see how you can solve their specific problem.

When Should I Begin Collecting Case Studies For My Marketing Agency?

The answer is NOW!

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some tips for creating strong case studies that will help build your agency’s brand.  The Done For You Agency Program has a list of contractors including case studies that will help you get started. 

Identify your target client. The first step in creating a great case study is to identify your target client. Who are you trying to reach with your case study? What problem are they facing that you can help solve? When you know who your target client is, you can tailor your story to speak directly to them.

Real Results from Clients Are the Best Case Studies

Keep it real. Your case study should be based on actual results that you’ve achieved for a client. Don’t make up numbers or exaggerate your role in the project. Be honest about what you did and what the results were. This will help build trust with potential clients who are reading your case study.

Highlight the results. Your target client doesn’t care about your process or how you did it. They want to know what results you achieved for your client. So make sure your case study highlights the key results that you achieved

Testimonials from happy clients can add a lot of weight to your case study. If you have a satisfied client who is willing to give you a testimonial, make sure to include it in your case study. This will help show potential clients that you’re an agency that gets results.

If You Are New, Use Your Contractor’s Case Studies

One of the best ways to generate social proof for your agency when you are just starting out is to partner with white-label fulfillment teams who have great case studies. You can then use their case studies and experience to market your agency with. This way you don’t start from zero. You will have the confidence to sell effectively on your sales calls because you know that your clients will get incredible results by choosing your agency because you have an amazing team that will be doing the work.

Additionally, partnering with experienced contractors gives you case studies to use on your own funnels, your website, as references on sales calls, and throughout your agency’s digital marketing efforts.

Interested in finding great contractors and case studies? In the Done-For-You Agency Program, we partner you with top-tier digital marketing contractors who have great case studies for you to use from day 1 and who have great pricing for you as the agency partner.

For more information about the list of contractors including case studies that will help you get started contact our Done For You Agency Program

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