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Valuable Tips On Driving Qualified Agency Leads With Facebook Ads

One of the ways that most Agency owners use to market and grow their business is through Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads allow you to find your target audience easily and market your services directly to that audience with either images or video. 

Since you can link your website on Facebook ads, you will increase your website traffic and have a chance to convert the traffic into appointments and sales. However, Facebook ads are not simple to run however they are super effective.  So doing them properly is important.  Here are a few things you should consider.

Tip #1: Work on Better Facebook Advertising Imagery or Video

Aside from the low cost per click reward from Facebook, quality Images and Video matter because that is going to get more interest. When your Facebook Ad is relevant and valuable enough for your audience it will improve your ad position. If you want to drive quality leads, you should work on promoting your image and brand so that your campaign will stand out among your competitors. If you have better ads than your competitors, you won’t have to pay as much just to get quality leads and clicks.  So if you need to, use a  free software like for great stock images and place nice text over the top calling out your audience.  You can also hire someone on to do either your images or even a video to promote in your ads.  Get creative and test different methods.

Tip #2: Split Test Creatives With Great Headlines and Copy

Split testing is a great way to achieve maximum results with facebook ads. You can split test using dynamic creatives where you can test to see which image, headline, and copy work best.  Combine a great image with clear text calling out your audience.  Test different headlines to catch the reader’s attention.  For Copy you don’t need to overpromise.  Just be clear on your intentions and test using copy with and without emojis.  Make sure your images and copy are congruent with where you are driving your traffic to and you will be off to a great start.

Tip #3: Match Your Funnel to overall Facebook Ad Messaging

When setting up ads you need to have a place to drive the traffic to.  If it’s a funnel or a website you want the landing page you send the traffic to to match your ads.  Don’t run an ad and image that is not congruent with your landing page or you will cause confusion.   You want the least amount of confusion possible.  We run all of our ads to a funnel. We take the user down a funnel using a very specific step by step process to gain information on the client so we understand more about their business and why they need our help.

Tip #4: Optimize Your Ads for Overall Performance. Kill Losers and Scale Winners

When watching the performance of a Facebook ad it is important to compare and run a few ads at a time.  This is why we split test, so we can figure out what will work for your brand and your ads.  This way you can watch and observe the CPC (Cost Per Click) and are able to see the overall Conversion on that ad as it runs.  When the Cost per Click is high and not operating well, you can Kill that Losing ad as it is costing too much money, and instead increase the ones that are converting well.  One of the best ways to do this is with CBO ads (Campaign Budget Optimization).   You can split test all your ads using a dynamic creative.  In doing so when you kill the ad creatives that are under performing, Facebook automatically feeds more money into your well performing ads.  Once you find the winners, you scale your ads up.


If you want to drive more qualified leads for you agency from your Facebook Ads, try to apply these tips in your campaigns, and you might see a more significant impact with your conversion. Aside from following these tips, you should always think about your content and your funnels performance so that your Facebook Ads will successfully garner qualified leads. Remember, a successful Facebook Ad can touch your audience’s emotions, so make sure to create ads that are appealing and compelling. 

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