Advisor Advantage is a new agency on a fast track to 100K. Run by a licensed Finacial Advisor, Advisor Advantage partnered with SobeViral in our Agency accelerator program to increase their high-ticket lead flow, build a rockstar team of fulfillment contractors and get a commission-based closer onboard to seal their deals for them. After just 5 weeks in the accelerator program, Advisor Advantage added multiple clients and signed over 23K in new deals. Advisor Advantage has now cracked open a steady flow of high-ticket leads using a customized funnel and Facebook ads strategy implemented in the accelerator program. They now have incredible case studies, a rockstar fulfillment team, and a commission-based closer that signs new deals for them every week. Check out the conversation below between Tyler and Scott of Advisor Advantage about his success in the program at the 5-week mark.