Five Star Business Consulting is a marketing agency with multiple niches. Run by successful serial entrepreneur and roofing company CEO, Five Star partnered with SobeViral in our Agency accelerator program to inject a steady flow of high-ticket leads in both the Legal niche and Financial Advisor niche, build a rockstar team of fulfillment contractors and get a commission-based closer to seal the deals for them. Using a customized funnel and Facebook ads strategy implemented in the accelerator program, Five Star Business Consulting now has highly-qualified (10K+) leads booking in for sales calls nearly every day, a top-level fulfillment team, and a sales closer sealing deals for them. Their cost per booked sales call is now lower than $50 each and they continue to scale their operation to handle the new influx of business. Check out the video testimonial below of Five Star’s CEO reviewing the Agency Accelerator program.