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Professionals You Need When Starting A Marketing Agency

Digital marketing services understand that each marketing campaign has a lot of moving components that are nearly hard for one person to handle on their own. While one person may be a master in SEO, copywriting, and planning, they’re unlikely to be an expert in graphic design, site design, or marketing technology. 

Companies prefer to hire skilled marketers in their various industries in order to form a knowledgeable team. So when starting a marketing agency, you must ensure you have a qualified team of marketers who can deliver the answers different business owners require without incurring the costs of establishing their internal marketing team.

In the following paragraphs, you will find out some of the most essential marketing professionals you need for your agency as well as their respective duties that make them valuable to your firm.

Account Strategist to Deal with Your Agency’s Client Strategy

This position is responsible for developing revenue plans, creating smooth and pleasurable customer experiences, and using critical thinking to solve problems. The aim of this function is to discover pain points and create a strategy that will alleviate those aches while driving revenue through the ceiling, especially when the customer is just starting on their marketing journey. 

Account Manager as Your Agency’s Planner

Account managers are in charge of keeping the agency and the client in touch. They help design strategy, allocate roles to the internal team, approve deliverables before sending them to the client, and track the success of marketing projects. 

Account managers are also in charge of assuring the client’s satisfaction. If a customer is dissatisfied with the lack of results, they can address the issue with fresh tactics, updated content, and digital marketing materials.

Creative Director to Oversees All Creative Elements

The task of the creative director is to develop stunning pictures and graphics while adhering to the brand’s requirements and preferences. This role ensures quality control and the production of the agency’s best work. The layout and aesthetics developed in site design and email templates are also overseen by creative directors.

Graphic Designer to Assist Your Creative Director

Graphic designers are the literal implementers of the creative director’s vision. The graphic designer is in charge of branding projects and social media visuals. This person’s tools and vision are used to create imagery, icons, and motion graphics for usage on websites and emails.

Content Manager to Be Responsible for Your Clients’ Content

The content manager is in charge of your agency’s internal and external content planning, writing, and publication. They convert a company’s worth into words, discovering the proper content that resonates to customers through creating and reviewing all written content that will be shown to the consumers. 

The content manager assists the firm in a variety of ways, including brainstorming blog ideas, producing premium content offers, and analyzing the associated data.

Director of Business Operations to Ensure Everything Works Smoothly

The director of business operations is the agency’s glue that keeps everything together. This position’s top priorities are internal strategy, internal processes, and agency cohesion. To allow the agency to grow, the director of business operations ensures that task distribution and suitable personnel measures are made. 

Sales Manager to Promote Your Products and Services

The sales manager is crucial when starting a marketing agency. This position is in charge of relaying products and services to current and potential accounts. In order to determine the capability for new work, the sales manager also engages with the internal team, develops contracts, and collaborates with other managers and directors to figure out what needs to be done.


As you’re just starting a marketing agency, you can opt to hire a larger workforce or freelancers. While many agencies have had success recruiting freelancers, it is critical to thoroughly verify on-demand individuals for quality, capability, and any certificates or licenses required for their roles. Freelancers can be a highly significant asset as long as they respect brand rules and preferences and can execute work in a timely manner when it is requested.

If you need help in starting a marketing agency, SobeViral is ready to assist you. We specialize in helping marketing agencies scale their revenue with the DFY Agency Program. We also give you our book of contractors so you don’t need to go find the right team. You will already have it ready for using.  Book an appointment with us today and learn how we can launch your digital agency for you!

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