80K+ Sales Months For a Car-Cleaner Product

80K+/Per Month For a Car-Cleaner Product

This ecommerce client partnered with SobeViral in May of 2018 with zero sales. We quickly launched the product on Facebook and Instagram and recorded 52K in sales for July, 80K in sales for August and a total of 190K by Sept 11, 2018. If this were a hurricane, they would call this ‘rapid intensification’.🔥
SobeViral built, optimized, and scaled this ecommerce store using a top-down funnel strategy utilizing video, continual conversion optimization, retargeting stacks, and dynamic product ads. The results? Epic. And they show no signs of slowing down. What was once an idea, is not a 100K+/per month product on Shopify.

Client: eCommerce

Category: Projects

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