4K ad spend = 51K in Revenue for Lhasa OMS

  • 4K ad spend = 51K in Revenue for Lhasa OMS

Lhasa OMS

Lhasa OMS is credited with leading the adoption of ancient Eastern medicine techniques in the U.S. Lhasa OMS is both the US’s first and largest importer of acupuncture needles and complementary products.

Lhasa OMS partnered with SobeViral with one goal in mind, to increase the sale of acupuncture needles through social media. Lhasa has had much success selling their needles through email campaigns and through word of mouth but they wanted to open a new social revenue channel on a steady and scaled pace.

By the 3rd month of working with SobeViral Lhasa saw an ROI of more than 300%. In August 2017, Lhasa invested $2K in a Facebook ads sales funnel SobeViral built and optimized. This initial investment paid off by nearly 20X producing more than $20,000 in sales.

In March of 2018, we scaled this account to 51K focusing on subscription and renewal-based orders and the extended lifetime value of Lhasa’s customer base. Through this strategy, we produced 51K in sales with LESS than 4K spent on ads.

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Client: Lhasa OMS

Project url: https://www.lhasaoms.com/

Category: Projects

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