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A Quick But Comprehensive Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan

The pandemic has shown us how fragile life and business can be. All companies, especially digital marketing agencies, should have an organized plan to pivot to any problems or changes in their business. 

This digital marketing agency business plan template makes the planning process easy to do, so you and your team can focus on growing your business. Here’s how to get started:

Your Agency’s Why Statement

Every business starts with a why statement. This statement explains why your business exists and helps your team members align with your internal values.

This section will also explain what your agency’s day-to-day operations look like. Specifically, this section will explain how daily operations will be organized and how they tie back to your business purpose.

You’ll also want to share the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you and your team will use to evaluate the success of your business.

You’ll describe how you will measure your success. You’ll also want to share how you plan on rewarding your team members for achieving these goals.

Operations: Your Team Members and Their Roles

This section describes the existing systems and procedures while also planning for future growth.

You’ll start by describing your staff—the roles you will need to fill, the skills each of those team members will need, and your plans for adding to your staff in the future.

Your team members are the backbone of your business success. You’ll want to share your thoughts on the kind of relationships you want to build with your clients and other team members. Plus, you’ll share your thoughts on how each team member will accomplish their goal. You’ll also need to share your plans for onboarding new team members. 

Having SOPs in place so each member of your team knows their exact role inside your agency is super important. You might even include any team-building activities you’ve planned for the near future.

Clients: Who You Do and Don’t Want as Clients

This section will describe your ideal clients and your worst ones. Ideally, you will want to attract clients with high growth potential and believe in your agency’s why statement.

You’ll also want to describe your plans for attracting these ideal clients and outline your plans for keeping your client list healthy. For example, you might share your plans for structuring your contracts or client communication processes.

You’ll want to share your experience with the metrics and analytics that you’ll use to evaluate your client relationships. Finally, you’ll want to describe any plans you have for turning ideal clients into long-term relationships.

Marketing Agency Sales Plan and Sales Forecasting

In this section, you’ll outline both your strategic and tactical sales plans. Your sales plans should consider the sales goals you’ve already set in the marketing plan section. You’ll also want to outline the sales tactics you will use to achieve those goals and how you will evaluate and report on those tactics.  

Marketing and Advertising Plan and Strategy

This section will outline your marketing plan in the context of both your business and industry. Your plan and strategy can be based on your business goals and objectives.

You’ll also want to share the personas you will use for marketing and how you will evolve these personas over time. You’ll share your marketing goals. You’ll describe how you will measure your success and how you will report on your success.


This digital marketing agency business plan template is the starting point for your business. After you’ve completed this template, you’ll have a great head start on developing your digital marketing agency.

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