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Sales package for My Digital marketing Agency
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The Psychology Behind Offering Different Packages and Pricing In Your Agency

When you are selling to a prospect it is interesting how you can get clients to pay more and buy more services simply by showing them different offers.

When Your Agency Offers Three Packages and Prices

For example, let’s say you want to offer three different service packages to your clients. You could show them the prices for each package and let them choose which one they want.

However, studies have shown that most people will spend more money and buy more services when you show them all three offers at once.

The reason for this is that people tend to compare the middle offer to the other two offers. And when they see that the middle offer is a better value, they are more likely to choose it.

Sales package for My Digital marketing Agency

Your Agency’s Silver, Gold, or Platinum Packages

Think about it for a second.  If you tell your client these are our 3 packages, we will call them Silver, Gold, and Platinum.   You tell the potential client, that while most businesses go with our Platinum package we also have our Gold and Silver package.  Always present the most expensive package first.  This may cause sticker shock at first, but you also want to let the client know that you want them to go with the package that best suits their budget.

Suiting to Your Client’s Budget

This will do a couple things.  The potential client will see that you want to work with them and not just get their money.  Second, the client may not be able to afford the Platinum package but may go with the Gold because it is a better value than the Silver.  Third, if all three packages are close in value, the client may go with the Platinum because of ego, because they see the value, or for many different reasons.

It also allows the client to see everything you offer. Plus if they go with the bottom level package and at any point are not happy with results or they want more results you can always bring up that they chose the base package and we can get more results with the top package. Which gives you another opportunity to increase your agency’s margins.

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