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What Is A Good Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan
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What’s in a Good Digital Marketing Agency Business Plan?

Any digital marketing agency should have a sensible and realistic business plan that they can execute to ensure that their operations are smooth as the services are promoted. Without a proper idea about what course of action the company should be taking, it can tend to be a little chaotic.

Try to arrange everything and have everyone on the same page. The management of a digital marketing agency alongside its employees should definitely know what’s being done to continue and scale up the company. If you’re in the middle of figuring out the elements that should be in a good digital marketing agency business plan, here are five points to never forget:

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1) Purpose of the digital marketing agency

What is the main goal of the digital marketing agency? What made you decide to do this in the first place? Of course, you’re looking to generate sales, but what will be your main channel in doing so? Which specific digital marketing services will you be providing to your customers?

Having purposeful objectives of how to build and maintain the company’s reputation through your services are a must. All these factors will definitely be included in your business plan. You don’t want to get lost along the way, so knowing what you want to do will help you in the long run.

2) Developing a Plan for your Agency Based on Success

If you are looking to build a plan for your agency, it’s important to know that you don’t have to be the expert in every piece of your business.  The path many times has already been laid by other successful agency owners and contractors.  In fact, it is smart for you to build a team of contractors who can do an amazing job for clients but also take tasks off of your plate.

Consider investing in a team of high caliber. It’s ideal to have those who already know their way around marketing, programming, and design, and or advertising. They can provide so much potential and perspective of what needs to be done for your digital marketing.

3) Digital Marketing Agency: Services and Offerings

Coming up with a solid offer and services to offer  is an essential part in forming your digital marketing agency. List all the potential digital marketing products and services you would like to offer to your potential niche clients. Figuring out your offer and what market you want to focus on is also a major part. 

Do you want to focus on one single niche or be a general agency?

Do you want to offer just 1 or 2 services or do you want to be a full service agency?

In our experience it is  good to specialize in and highlight a few products or services, that way you can be the expert in an area.  This allows you and your team to build out systems and will also help you scale your business. It also helps you narrow down your targeting and have case studies that can show your future clients what you have done for other like businesses.

4) Focus on Your Digital Agency’s Priorities and Goals

If you’re both a creative and technical person, you can easily get lost with ideas in the process of creating and have important things fall behind. The same thing can happen when you’re also handling the marketing aspects of your business. Always stay focused on your priorities, and keep your focus steady as you develop your business plan.

5) Track Your Agency’s Metrics

Marketing Agency business plan, digital, template, 8-Step Guide to Starting a Marketing Business

Many businesses are not monitoring their progress, and there is no proof of the work they have done. Be sure to track your metrics, whether it’s the number of sales, leads, or customers served. Without evidence of the positive and effective work you’ve done, it will be much harder to gain your clients’ trust and confidence. Knowing your numbers helps your own business internally, but knowing these numbers for clients will make retention a lot easier and also help you land new future clients easier.


In the end, it’s important to remember that your digital marketing agency business plan should be well-organized, specific, and to the point. Make sure that you have all the factors necessary to develop a well-rounded business plan.

Coming up with a business plan for your marketing agency can seem like a difficult task.  Especially if you are brand new to the industry. At SobeViral we help build and scale profitable agencies.  Our DFY Agency Program can help you skip all the guesswork when it comes to building an agency the correct way.  If you would like help building an agency of your own or need help scaling your current agency. Connect with us today!

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