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Why Marketing Agency Owners Need Support and Coaching
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Why Do Digital Marketing Agency Owners Need Support?

Have you heard the saying, it takes a village to raise a child?  Well luckily it doesn’t take a village to build a marketing agency, but there are some key players that you need to be considering as you grow your agency. Here are some different things that can support you in your agency journey.

First Your Marketing Agency Needs a Project Manager or Account Manager.

Their role is to make sure that each project stays on track and is delivered on time and within budget. They also help with client communication and overall organization for your agency.  Removing you from these roles allows you to focus more on lead generation and sales.

Marketing Agency How to Find a Project Manager Coaching

Second, Your Marketing Agency Should Find a Marketing Assistant. 

Their role is to help you with your brand presence.  They can do social media, cold outreach like cold calling and cold emailing, blog writing, or anything that can help market the brand and generate more leads.

The Third Would be For An Agency Fulfilment Team. 

Now you can either hire in-house teams or like we teach in the DFY agency program you can use pre-vetted contractors.   Fulfillment teams can do things like social media management, SEO, web design, Facebook Ads, Google Ads,  you name it.  This allows you to take on bigger projects or higher-paying clients because you have the team in place to fulfill the project.

Fourth, Would be a Salesperson, For Marketing Lead Gen.  

This can be an in-house person or someone that you work with on commission.  Their job is to help close new business for the agency.  This could be done through networking, cold outreach, or even just working with you to help close deals that you’re already working on.

Now the truth is you can be many of these roles, however, if you want to effectively scale you want to remove yourself from each of these roles as you grow so you can scale beyond yourself.

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